Friday, May 22, 2009

local::lib followup: now with easy bootstrapping

Last week I posted about local::lib, some of the work I was doing on it, and what I wanted to get done.

Well, it's done (for now). As of 1.004001, local::lib comes with an example script that completely bootstraps local::lib into an arbitrary directory. It installs cleanly on a fresh install of Perl 5.8.8, just like this:

wget -O- \ | TARGET=./local perl (I copied the script to my server so the URL is shorter -- it's the same as what's on CPAN, though.)

Future enhancements:

  • A shorter url (t0m suggested, which would be pretty cute)
  • Better shell/environment integration -- right now, you have to Just Know how to get at the directory that local::lib created for you
  • Build tool integration, e.g. make locallib, make localinstalldeps (that's a bit of a mouthful)
Anyone have other suggestions for useful features?

(originally posted at OpenSourcery)

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