Thursday, July 9, 2009

YAPC wrapup

I know this post is a bit late, but I was busy after YAPC dealing with my unexpected unemployment. Sorry!

YAPC is always great for reconnecting with people who've been just words on a screen for the last year. rjbs and I managed to get a room together, so much hilarity ensued; the first thing he greeted me with when I arrived was "I've been avoiding working on slides by reading Wikipedia articles about Spider-Man's Clone Saga. Let me tell you all about it!" (Since I also needed to avoid working on my own slides, this was a welcome diversion.)

I always feel a little skeptical about the arrival dinner. It's always loud and expensive and the food is often merely adequate. Rik and I showed up, but didn't stick around for very long, since we'd almost exhausted our store of slide-avoidance time.

Monday I gave two talks, about CPAN packaging and deployment and a quick overview of Dist::Zilla and its workings. I wasn't sure how they'd be received, since this was my first time speaking at YAPC, and it's a little more intimidating than talking in front of a local Perl Mongers group. Both went well, though, and it was gratifying to hear people saying "I'm totally going to use that!"

It was between those two talks that I got the call from OpenSourcery: "This is Brian, with Josh and Kris; can you please call me back as soon as possible?" My first thought was, "Well, I don't have a job anymore. I guess I need to call them back to find out why." It's hard to imagine a better time and place to be laid off than the first day of YAPC, though, with all the networking possibilities (and fellow hackers to buy me consolatory beers).

Monday night I felt feverish and lethargic, and Tuesday morning's talk on Moose roles and type constraints was difficult to get through. I ended 10 minutes early, partly because I didn't have the energy to explain all the examples as much as I had expected to. I went straight back to the dorm afterwards and slept for an hour and a half. This helped immensely.

Tuesday evening's auction and dinner was one of the better ones I can remember. First, I happened to sit at a table full of Canadians, several of whom I found I already knew (Adam Prime, Michael Graham), and we had a fun conversation about all sorts of random things the whole evening. Second, unlike many years, the auction did not drag on interminably, so we had plenty of time for said fun conversation without the mental overhead of having to tune out Uri's haranguing voice.

I barely remember Wednesday, except that Karen called me out during her talk for something I said on Twitter (and a followup from Rik), which caught me by surprise for some reason. Maybe I'm not really used to the idea that people actually read the things I write in public places.

Talks I really enjoyed:

Thursday was the Moose Hackathon, which was a great time that I will address in more detail in another post. I think the highlight may have been watching Rob fall off his chair laughing not once but twice.

My summary from twitter, still true:

despite everything going on with my (lack of) work, probably one of my favorite years


  1. Wait, you gave *three* *talks*?


  2. Yes, he gave three talks, I went to the first one and I am *totally* going to use some things he talked about at work. I wish he lived in Seattle and that I had an opening to hire him for. He rocketh.

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