Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MooseX::AttributeHelpers is dead, long live Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native

Version 0.89_01 of Moose is out, featuring the well-loved MooseX::AttributeHelpers module under a new name. See Moose::Manual::Delta for a summary of changes; the functionality should be almost identical, but some API changes were made to bring the helpers more into line with the rest of Moose (e.g. handles instead of provides).

If you're using MXAH, please grab this dev release and see how your code works when you port it over to the Native traits. Please let us know if there are any problems!

We started work on this at the YAPC Moose Hackathon. We'd talked forever about how we'd move a MooseX module into the Moose core if everyone agreed it was the right way to do things, but it hadn't ever happened. Rob Buels (rbuels) and Jay Hannah (jhannah) helped out with some tedious but necessary work at YAPC -- converting examples and tests -- and Jesse Luehrs (doy), Chris Prather (perigrin), and Shawn Moore (Sartak) have worked on the code and generally helped keep momentum going since then (reviewing commits, doc fixes, and so on).

Cheers to you all, and thanks for your great work.


  1. Hey! Credit where credit is due, please, I helped with the bikeshedding at least twice

  2. Sorry, I did forget to thank our resident Magic 8-Ball, Yuval Kogman.

  3. The real star here is Dieter. Thank you!

    That was a lot of work to incorporate a MooseX module. Let's never do that again.

  4. Dieter++

    Remind me next time we meet, I owe you a mudkip